-keeping your business open in level 3

With an online store

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We want to help small business stay open

We are offering small hospitality and takeaway businesses the opportunity to have an online presence with an ordering system. This will mean that during Level 3 your customers will be able to go online, place an order and make payment. They will then be able to follow your instructions on picking-up their order with as little or no contact necessary.  We too are a small business and we started Digital Concepts with the purpose of helping Start-Up businesses, small to medium businesses, charities and foundations.  The founders of Digital Concepts, Stephan and Shannon believe in supporting the ‘little people’, supporting our locals and supporting small communities. We believe that without the small businesses that New Zealand communities have supporting them that we would live in a much less friendly and community minded country

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One page Websites Launched FOR LEVel 3.

Keeping small businesses doors open for with an online, contactless ordering system. 

Wondering What You Get? Features & Benefits.

This package has been designed to allow small business owners the ability to quickly and easily set up contactless ordering and payment for the duration of Alert Level 3

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- 01. One-page website

We will create you a one-page website, that is based on a template design. The page will be divided into five sections; header/logo, about, menu and online ordering, location, contact and hours.  With limited design options this enables us to get you online as quickly as possible. 

- 02. ONline Ordering

Your website will be created in such a way that customers can arrive at your site, place their order and follow your directions on how they collect their order. The best part? If you are a food business the order are automatically closed during your normal closed hours, to stop confusion.

- 03. Payment Gateway

Your online store will be created in a way that accepts payments for orders online using a payment gateway called Stripe.  Stripe provides everything you and your business needs to create a holistic ecommerce experience for your business both online and in-person. 

- 04. Hosting/Domain Name

Included in your weekly cost is the hosting of your site. Digital Concepts offer a premium service to businesses and individuals that require the most reliable web hosting to serve their customers. You have options when it comes to your domain name, you can link to Level 3 Online or to pay $25 per year to have your own personalised domain. 

- 05. Maintenance

Your website is not only your digital first impression you make to your customers but an asset that represents a significant investment.  A website is not a set and forget accessory rather than a delicate appliance that needs proper care and attention which we will maintain.

- 06. Shop Manager

This amazing feature allows you the freedom to manage the shop front at the click of the button, add to your products list, view and manage orders, generate reports via your website on your phone, tablet or computer. 

One page Websites examples.

Keeping small businesses doors open for with an online, contactless ordering system. 

Option one

This template has the bare bones with no top banner, or introduction text.  This websites purpose is soley about getting taking the orders and  providing information. 

Option two

This template has a banner and an introduction section. There is the use of colour and imagery added to make your pop-up e-store stand out. 

Shop Manger

Login to see an example of the shop manager using the following details.
Username: demo
Password: n&8T3vz1=3[(=r

-The Finer Details

How it works

What will it cost and how long do you commit? We want to keep this as affordable as possible, so we are offering this opportunity  to you at $25 gst included per week.


The Price

We were have not created this opportunity to make money for ourselves. We did this as a way to enable small business owners to remain open by creating an online presence with the ability to offer contactless ordering


Minimal SET-UP FEE

There is a $5 set-up fee with the first payment for your online store will not be due to the end of the first full week of your shop being live. This means that you can get your shop online with out a huge financial pressure before you start.


No Contract

This opportunity was born solely to provide a quick solution Covid-19 Level 3 restricts, because of this there is NO TERM CONTRACT. We want you to know that if you no longer require the website we will take it down. No questions asked, NO STRESS!!

$35 (1)

WHAT will it cost your business?


per week gst incl.

We want to keep this as affordable as possible, so we are offering this to you at $10 gst included per week.

A Few Words About Who We Are And Our Team.

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Digital Concepts started out in Canterbury in 2016, by founders and owners, Stephan and Shannon and is now based in the small community of Westport, on the beautiful and stunning West Coast of the South Island.  Our client care team is small and that’s just the way we like it. A small team gives us the opportunity to intimately understand our clients business so we can make a real difference to successful outcomes. We started Digital Concepts wanting to be able to support as many small businesses and start-up businesses as possible, as well as provide opportunities for charities and voluntary groups to have an online presence. Level 3 Online is just another way that we can support businesses through out New Zealand. 

the platforms that we utilise


Level 3 Online uses WordPress which is an easy to use content management system which puts you in control, making it easy to update your content as you require.  WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasising accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started. It also offers powerful features for growth and success.


Stripe is a complete payments platform engineered for growth. Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a recurring basis, set up a marketplace, or simply accept payments, do it all with a fully integrated, global platform that can support online and in-person payments. Stripe is present and future proof, by integrating the latest technologies with an innovative platform that’s always getting better and launching new features weekly. 


The beauty of Stripe is that it can be integrated with Xero, meaning that every Stripe transaction is accounted for and reconciled with one click. Wherever you receive payments via Stripe, whether on Xero invoices or in an e-commerce store, you will automatically see that data flow into Xero using the Stripe feed, this makes running your business seamless and stress-free. Freeing up some of the much needed time for you spend in other ways.

what do you need to do

It's simple really ...

SIGN-Up or Find out more

- 01. SIgn up

If you would like to sign up for this amazing website opportunity and to get your businesses door open for contactless ordering then all you need to do is complete the 'sign up' form. Once this has been completed you will receive a confirmation email which will take you through to another information request form. There you will be able to input all the relevant information we required to make your website live. Once you have completed that your website will be up and running within 48 hours. 

- 02. Find out more

If you are still not sure about whether this is the right option for your business or if you have questions that we haven't answered please feel free to call or email us as we are happy to help.

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The Fine Print

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What you need to know

This service is available at this price for the duration of Alert Level 3 and Alert Level 2. Prices are may change after this time, however this will be done in discussion with the website owners. Due to the nature of needing to produce  these websites in a speedy manner, design options are limited to colours, main images and logo. If you choose to keep your website running when we reach our new normal you are welcome to make changes and adjustments to your website functions and design for additional cost under  Digital Concepts.  With this opportunity you do not own your website, it remains the property of Level 3 Online and Digital Concepts.  If this is something you would like to look at in the future we are happy to discuss this with you.